Belinda Pratten | Somewhere in Newtown

Archival Pigment Prints (framed)

Night images: 30cm x 46cm (Edition of 10 + 2 AP)

Day Images: 15cm x 15cm (Edition of 10 + 2AP)

For this series of work, Belinda Pratten has focused her camera on her home suburb of Newtown, in Sydney's inner-west. Eschewing the alternative scene of King Street and the characters that it attracts, these images are inspired by the quieter side of the suburb; we are taken on night walks through back streets and given an intimate tour of this rapidly changing area. Pratten observes the rich colours and contrast of the night, and is particularly interested in the man-made lighting that gives her images a certain warm, yet uncanny feeling.

Beautifully printed and stylishly framed in stained, hardwood timber, these photographs are little gems of quiet colour.

Somewhere in Newtown is Belinda Pratten's first non-commissioned solo exhibition.