Mala Noche

Antoine D'Agata

En Vues (1998)

Chosen by Sean Davey

Mala Noche is Antoine D'Agata's first book and was published back in 1998. Without a doubt, D'Agata is one of my favourite photographers and this early book includes photographs from Mexico, New York, Haiti, Marseille, Guatemala and El Salvador. D'Agata's work has always been confrontational and this early work is no different. The work is raw and comes from the photographer's personal experiences in bars, brothels and hotels. Today, D'Agata's work has become more conceptually driven, albeit dealing with similar subjects and themes of sex, death, excess and experience, however this book is by far my favourite (followed closely by Hometown). This is a rare book and can be quite expensive, but for fans of D'Agata it will not disappoint.

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