Dennis Church (b.1949)

Dennis Church was born in Mason City, Iowa, and attended Iowa State University and The University of Wisconsin-Madison.  His work has been featured in solo exhibitions throughout the United States, including the Wisconsin Historical Society, Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center, Fort Myers, Florida, and the Darkroom Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky. Dennis' photographs are held in public collections, including the Wisconsin Historical Society, Fordham University Emily Lowe Gallery on Long Island, and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art in Wisconsin (USA).

"I photograph to nurture the growth of my vision. I witness, experience and capture my perception of the light, colour and emotional vibration of the spirit of American life. I have always worked intuitively, following my nose and photographing what, when and how I want. I try to keep analysis to a minimum. My method, a trick if you will, is to shoot before the internal critic wakes up, before he/she/it realises anything has happened. When I do that, I more often faithfully capture the depth and complexity of what my intuition drew me to."

Dennis' self-published books, including his most recent, AMERICOLOR can be purchased via Blurb: