Dörte Conroy | What Comes To Mind (2017)

Photographs are pigment prints on Ilford Galerie paper.
Images made 2017, printed 2017.
Image size: 15cm x 15cm (paper size: 43cm x 28cm)
Editions of 10 + 2 AP

Exhibition 19 May - 25 June
Exhibition Opening Friday 19 May, 6pm


When taken from their original context, odd household items often prompt a spark of interest in me. The possibility of their future incarnation is ever present.     

Discarded by previous owners, recognisable objects like spinning tops, old tins, straws, pins and feathers all have the potential for an afterlife in my studio. It may be just a small section of obscure things, but once I start arranging them and seeing their form, their functional roles disappear. A spinning top becomes a triangle, a tin a cylinder, straws elongated lines.

Many artificial/plastic materials are particularly attractive to me. I am also fond of materials featuring repetitive patterns; a series of holes punched into plastic, metal, or cardboard excites me. With the right light, there is also the potential for a dramatic shadow or shadows to exist, adding yet another dimension to the work.

For this exhibition I have created small-scale, transitory sculptures, with the specific intention of turning them into permanent photographs. They feature odd combinations of some of my favourite objects, many of which have been in my possession for many years, and still elicit delight and excitement.

Through this body of work, I am giving some of these objects a fresh lease of life.