Robert Frank | Books & Films 1947-2016

Solo Exhibition Gallery
The Photography Room
Old Bus Depot Markets
Kingston, ACT
20 -27 March 2016
Sundays 10am-4pm & by appointment

Robert Frank (b. 1924, Zurich, Switzerland) is considered the inventor of street photography. Many of his pictures were shot from the hip, out of a moving car, sitting in a bar, hiding in the park. “I had to be very fast when I photographed people,” he says in the interview on the last page, recounting how he took his pictures on his tour of America in the fifties. A newspaper also has to be very fast: written in the afternoon, printed at night, in your mail box the next morning. So it’s only logical to once show Frank’s photographs not as gelatin silver prints insured for millions and framed for all eternity but on the kind of newsprint that tells us every day what’s going on in the world, the paper on which newspapers are printed day after day.

The unconventional catalogue for the exhibition “Robert Frank: Books and Films, 1947–2016” is a special edition of the renowned German newspaper the Süddeutsche Zeitung – following its original design and format, and printed on recycled newsprint.

Conceived by Robert Frank and Gerhard Steidl, and edited by Alex Rühle, its 64 pages feature interviews, essays, letters and opinion pieces alongside rich picture sequences, which provide deep insight into Frank’s life as a photographer and filmmaker. Several double-page spreads reproduce Frank’s photographs in panoramic scale and can be folded out as posters.

This newspaper catalogue recreates the raw, innovative approach of the exhibition, while its low production costs and according retail price of only $5.00 make it an unpretentious and accessible printed object. Or in Frank’s own words: “Cheap, quick and dirty, that’s how I like it!”

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