Paul Jurak | The Lake

Solo Exhibition Gallery
The Photography Room
Old Bus Depot Markets
Kingston, ACT
3-10 April 2016
Sundays 10am-4pm & by appointment

Artist Talks: Sunday 3 April, 12pm & Sunday 10 April 12pm.

Canberra Balloon Festival  (2014), chromogenic photograph (30x45cm).

Canberra Balloon Festival (2014), chromogenic photograph (30x45cm).

The Photography Room is pleased to present The Lake by Paul Jurak in the Solo Exhibition Gallery from 3-10 April. Paul Jurak, aka the Kayakcameraman, will present a selection of photographs made from the vantage point of his kayak on Lake Burley Griffin from 2012 to present. Having only come to photography in the past few years, Paul initially started paddling his kayak on the lake to help his recovery from cancer. Early morning paddle sessions on the lake were Paul's way of starting the day with his own personal space and tranquility. With an interest in exploring mindfulness and awareness, Paul would paddle for an hour each morning as a kind of meditation before the rigours of daily life took hold. 

To begin with, Paul used a very simple and low resolution digital camera to make some photos of the lake each morning. After returning home, he would upload the images to his new blog, Kayakcameraman. Paul's blog soon caught the public's attention as well as that of Canberra's local newspaper, The Canberra Times, which started to post Paul's pictures on a blog called 'Lake View'.

Since 2012, Paul's enthusiasm for photography has grown and he continues to paddle each day, with photography now a primary focus. Paul has started to work with numerous private organisations, as well as Tourism ACT, and he participates whole-heartedly in the online world, sharing his photos and communicating with his ever-growing fan base. 

Paul's pictures from Lake Burley Griffin show the mystique and beauty of Australia's capital city, revealing the man-made environment co-existing with its natural surroundings.

Paul will be in the Solo Exhibition Gallery from 12-1pm on Sunday 3 and Sunday 10 April, where he will deliver an artist talk and be available for discussion about his work.