Octavio Garcia | Aztec Gods

Solo Exhibition Gallery
The Photography Room
Old Bus Depot Markets
Kingston, ACT
14 August - 4 September 2016
Sundays 10am-4pm & by appointment

Artist Talk: Sunday 4 September 2016, 12pm.

Octavio Garcia | Aztec Gods (installation of exhibition in the Solo Exhibition Gallery).

Octavio Garcia | Aztec Gods (installation of exhibition in the Solo Exhibition Gallery).

The People of the Fifth Sun re-creates a Pantheon of Aztec Gods, using sacred images which were originally carved in stone and painted on traditional paper made from bark (Codex). By applying photographic chemistry through fine cuts made directly onto the B&W photographic paper, I create a series of unique photographs, which renews and strengthens my spiritual beliefs and cultural identity as a Mexican.

This on-off series is a further exploration into experimental photography that started with my creative desire to break away from digital photography. I started by experimenting with pinhole photography, which led me back to the darkroom environment and the traditional wet process.  

The Chemigram is an experimental photographic technique invented in 1956 by Pierre Cordier (Brussels, Belgium, 1933). I was generously introduced to Cordier’s work by Canberra based artist and post-graduate student at ANU, Matt Higgins, and to his own Chemigram research, as well as to other American artists who have created abstract work following Cordier’s principles in the present day.

The People of the Fifth Sun looks to depict the cosmic vision of the Aztecs, a civilization that was never culturally defeated.  As a result of my research, I was able to innovate a stenciling technique that allowed me to introduce a pictorial element to the Chemigram abstract domain. The mighty Aztec Gods have been re-created, and their visual attributes translated to a new experimental photographic medium that empowers them with new glory.