Kater May (b.1990)

I believe that where you’re from has a lot to do with who you become. It shapes you as a person. It’s the first place you experience as a child. It’s the place where you make your first friendships. It forms the morals and beliefs that you take on. It determines the way you think of the outside world. It can be a varied and cultured experience. It can be filled with art, society and culture. I never had this.

I grew up in a town where Coles was the biggest shop, the movie theatre opened once a fortnight and there was an annual art show. The only instruments our primary school had were the tambourine and triangle, and the closest we got to ethnic food was the Chinese at the RSL. If you didn’t play sport, you were an outcast. And if you wanted to learn to paint, you were lucky to find a class.

This is Tumut.



Home (2011)

Ed. of 15 + 2AP  in various sizes.

Pigment and chromogenic prints available (contact gallery for details – more photographs from this series available on request).

Self-published artist book ‘Home’ (signed) / Ed. of 200.

154 pages, digitally printed, 22cm x 25cm.

Home is available for purchase with any print from the series (30cm x 42cm).