Lily Platts (b.1995)

Lily Platts splits her time between Canberra and her home in Bombala, on the Monaro in Southern New South Wales.  Lily graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Painting from the School of Art and Design at the Australian National University in 2017, selling the entire suite of paintings at her graduating exhibition.

Growing up in the Monaro, Lily has always had a fascination with the landscape around her. It is from this unique and largely untouched part of regional Australia from which Lily draws much of her inspiration.

Lily's current works focuses on the juxtaposition between the picturesque environment that surrounds Canberra in direct proximity to the mundane and clinical scenes of urban living; her work explores the way in which we interact with the environment through the separation or removal of the natural.  

Lily is intrigued by scenes of familiar urban landscapes and contrasts these with the natural beauty of the environment she grew up in. She paints her interactions with everyday scenes from places she encounters and revisits her roots in the Monaro landscape. Lily loves the physicality and presence of oil paints, usually on board or canvas, and plans to paint her way into the future, pursuing a vibrant career in the Arts.