Lorna Sim


Lorna Sim is primarily interested in storytelling and documenting human stories for posterity, influenced by her academic background in Sociology and Anthropology (ANU). Lorna’s photographic skills were developed at PhotoAccess, the National Recording Studio/School and Canberra Institute of Technology.

Lorna's focus and passion shifted in 2005 to photographing dance performers. Lorna continues to be fascinated by the ability of the camera to stop time and capture potential and unpredictable movements and moments that are beyond the threshold of perception.

In early 2009, Lorna was involved in a promotional shoot for the renowned Canberra's youth dance group QL2 Dance Inc, an organisation she enjoys an ongoing relationship with to this day. This collaboration has allowed Lorna to master her technique and to explore new and different ways to photograph dance.  Lorna continues to enjoy and be perplexed by the challenge to instinctively capture that elusive beauty of movement.

Lorna works closely with QL2 alumni who have become independent and successful dance artists/choreographers.  Eliza Sanders, the artist featured in this series, dances amongst them.

Lorna has had her work exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and other states since 2000. 

Lorna’s photographs are held in private and corporate collections.