Mark Mohell (b.1975)

Mark began experimenting with photography and pursuing an interest in the history of the art form as a teenager. He studied photography at the Canberra Institute of Technology and in 1996 was named the AIPP (ACT) student photographer of the year. After completing his Diploma of Photography he went on to gain a degree in environmental design.

In his work as a professional photographer for a number of Australian Government agencies and institutions (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, the Australian Heritage Commission and the Department of Environment and Heritage) Mark travelled extensively in Australia, documenting large-scale environment and heritage projects as well as covering Ministerial and Prime Ministerial events. Since 2010 Mark has been Image Services Manager at the National Portrait Gallery.

In Mark's personal work (film-based black and white) he draws on the traditional methods of photography he studied and continues to explore the medium. Mark's recent work focussed on the constructed, urban landscape and the ease with which we walk away and let things fall apart. Mark explores how we create a society and shape the environment to our desires, only to gradually forget its significance.

Mark feels that it is important to document the world as it passes by, so we do not forget where we have come from. Mark's recent exhibitions view from here, verge and Past.Present.Future. are examples of his exploration into our urban landscape.

Mark’s artworks are held in national and private collections.