Michael Masters | H-Street (2014-15)

52cm x 75cm
Archival Inkjet Prints

In 2014-15 Michael Masters lived on H-Street, in the north-west district of Washington D.C. One can only imagine the stark contrast of street life in his new city compared to that of his home in Canberra, ACT. On arriving in Washington D.C. Michael immediately took to the streets, exploring the city by foot with his camera, always on the look-out for people and street scenes that intrigued his photographic senses.

During his time in the United States, Michael travelled to New York to undertake photography courses at the International Centre for Photography, where he was exposed to the energy and passion of like-minded artists. Upon returning to D.C. Michael decided to hone in on the local area where he was living, focusing his street photography around H-Street in the North-West quarter of the city. Michael's year-long stay in Washington D.C has only spurred his passion for street and documentary photography, which he continues amongst other genres today.