Thomas Boivin launches crowdfunding for new book 'Short Story'

Thomas Boivin is currently seeking crowdfunding support for a new book 'Short Story' (2014), with an accompanying album of original music by GoodBye Ivan and Alexandre Varlet.

A Short Story is a photobook about a love story that lasted 12 days, over a period of 4 months and 4 cities: Matera and Reggio Emilia in Italy, Paris, and Lisbon. Carefully designed by Florent Pierre, inspired by the 50s and the 60s modernism, it brings the story telling close to both "roman-photo" and cinema, as well to some classic photobooks such as 'Love on the Left Bank'. With the idea of building bridges between reality and fiction, the book icludes an original soundtrack composed by Goodbye Ivan with the collaboration of Alexandre Varlet.

Both book and music together create a narrative of an intimate experience that may echo in everyone's imagination of what love can be. The idea behind is that our vision of love is not only the result of our own experiences, but also of what has been passed on to us by books and cinema. But, if the book clearly echoes cinema and fiction in its graphical form, the story told and it's original material remains the outcome of an unexpected encounter, one morning in April in an Italian square.


View Thomas' crowdfunding page to help realise this project.

The campaign is open until June 15, 2014.