Sean Davey book launch at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Sean Davey will be launching his third book 'Same Player Shoots Again' at the MCA, Sydney, on Sunday 25 May (11-4pm), as a part of 'Photobook Day'.

'Same Player Shoots Again' is a collaboration with French cinematographer and photographer Jean-Pierre Viguié.  It is available in an edition of 150. 1-50 will be sold with an inkjet print from the series.

Same Player Shoots Again has my name on the cover, but in reality this book belongs equally to my friend Jean-Pierre Viguié, who I met at a bookmaking workshop in Paris in 2013, facilitated by Akina Books. Jean-Pierre and I agreed that we should collaborate on some editing projects after I returned to Australia and this book is our first collaborative effort (of what I hope will be many).

The photos in this book were all made on a night out in Sydney in November 2013. The photos were made with an iPhone, which I borrowed from my good friend Davy, and I used it to photograph our night (and morning) out. I had purposefully decided not to take a camera out with me that evening, as I wanted to spend some quality time and conversation with my friend. However, like many times before, the urge to photograph overcame me. The resulting images from that evening make up this short story; Same Player Shoots Again.


'Photobook Day' at the MCA will bring together Australia's leading photobook publishers, as well as independent publishers and galleries to display, sell and discuss their books.

This event is curated by the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive. More information on Photobook Day can be found on the MCA website here.

'Same Player Shoots Again' s available for purchase in the TPR Shop.

Same Player Shoots Again (2014)
Ed. of 150 (1-50 with inkjet print)
Photography (2013): Sean Davey
Book Concept: Jean-Pierre Viguié
Editing, Design & Layout: Jean-Pierre Viguié
Text: Cara Hine © 2014