Dennis Church included in BYSTANDER - A History of Street Photography

American photographer Dennis Church has had a selection of his photographs included in BYSTANDER - A History of Street Photography, authored by Colin Westerbeck and Joel Meyerowitz. 

This book has been called by some “the bible of street photography”. Church is one of thirteen contemporary artists featured and discussed in Chapter 21 The Conversation Continues.

Dennis Church, working in New York City, as well as more suburban areas, seems to be looking at the way overlapping planes of street furnishings create spatial confusion and a kind of “visual noise” that jams things together in playful tribute to the proliferation of signage and movement happening down at the street level. And oddly, some of them remind me of the way Saul Leiter, way back in the late fifties, used a vantage point near shop windows and corners to describe the city’s chaos as it appeared back then.
— Joel Meyerowitz