Sean Davey's 'Next Generation' exhibition at NSW Parliament House, Sydney.

Next Generation: Solomon Islands After RAMSI (2017) 

7 May - 31 August 2018.
NSW Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW.

Next Generation: Solomon Islands After RAMSI by Sean Davey is currently being exhibited at the NSW Parliament in Sydney, Australia.

In June and July 2017 Davey was commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to make photographs in and around Honiara, to document the drawdown of RAMSI (Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands). The work touches on the themes of family, youth, the economy, politics, law and order, as well as exploring the physicality of the Pacific nation’s capital city and its inhabitants. As always with Davey's work, the photographs are embedded with respect and genuine interest for the people who appear in them.

The exhibition continues until 31 August 2018 at Parliament House, after which it will continue touring Australia.

“Sean came in as a photographer commissioned by DFAT to make sense of the pack down of RASMI. That sort of made me think, 'How do you photograph this place?', because you don’t have the language of conflict to draw on anymore. Because we’re outside of this period of conflict, we’re in this period of peace. This is what peace looks like, it’s kind of so invisible that it just looks like part of everyday life, and I think that’s a really fantastic thing that Sean’s bought back from the Solomon Islands for us.”

- Shaune Lakin, Curator of Photographs, National Gallery of Australia.