Octavio Garcia

I am a Mexican-Australian visual artist, and my work looks to connect me to the roots of my Mexican cultural heritage. My family’s home state in México is Veracruz, located on the central east coast, along the gulf of México. It was in this region where a culture known as the Olmecs began, three thousand years ago. Considered a mother culture for the Mesoamerica (central and southern México and northern Central America), among its legacy is a collection of large-scale sculptures carved in stone, known as colossal Olmec Heads, and on which my artwork is based.

While my spiritual upbringing was under the Catholic Church, I have always felt more inspired and curious by the sacred artwork of Mesoamerica’s archeological treasures. Today I seek to unlearn my foundations in the Catholic Church, and reconnect with the ancient Olmecs. My artwork looks to inherit the spiritual will and strength that led the Olmecs to erect the mighty monoliths of the colossal Olmec Heads.