Parisa Applegarth

Parisa Applegarth is a visual documenter with a strong focus on anthropological and sociological aspects. With Canberra Australia as her home, Parisa frequently travels across the world to urban, rural and remote locations to photograph the lives and practices of diverse cultures.

Parisa’s photography is firmly placed in the tradition of realist photography, offering straightforward aesthetics and immersive compositions. Parisa’s photographs narrate stories of the indigenous subject-matter, often showcasing realities that provide new life-perspectives to us urban dwellers.

With the unconditional support of her husband and her two children, Parisa has photographed tribes, cults, and indigenous groups in Scandinavia, West & South Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Papua New Guinea, The Kimberley's in North Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Eastern Australia, South East Asia, and India.