Sean Davey l Same Player Shoots Again (2014)

Self-published book. Ed. 150

A4 size, 88 pages, digitally printed.

Photographs by Sean Davey.

Book Concept, Design & Layout by Jean-Pierre Viguié.

Text by Cara Hine.

The photographs in Sean Davey's new book Same Player Shoots Again were made in one night in Sydney in November 2013 with Sean's good friend and fellow photographer Davy O'Rourke. Same Player Shoots Again is a collaboration with French cinematographer and photographer Jean-Pierre Viguié, who Sean met in Paris in 2013. This is Sean Davey's third self-published book of photographs.

Photographs from this series are available as pigment prints (20cm x 28cm). A larger selection of images are available from this series.

For enquiries regarding prints from this series not shown here, please contact TPR.

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