Sean Davey l Solomon Islands (2016)

Archival Pigment prints on Ilford Galerie Prestige fibre based, baryta paper.

Exhibition prints 24cm x 36cm.

Various sizes available.

The photographs in this exhibition were made in the Solomon Islands in September 2016. I was invited to travel to the Solomons with Kokonut Pacific, an Australian based company that helps communities to produce extra-virgin coconut oil for world export.

Along side the photographs that I made for Kokonut Pacific, I was inspired to photograph daily life for myself, producing a body of work that hardly reveals any aspects of coconut oil production to the viewer. In my eyes however, these pictures are very much related to the coconut oil industry and the people who produce the oil; from the press owners to the local school children, whose school is funded by income from the local oil business. But these photographs are about more than coconut oil; they are about a personal experience of an Australian photographer in the Solomon Islands. The photographs are about a foreigner being welcomed to look closely, to notice details and to raise a camera in intimate spaces.

My photographs often dance between journalism, documentary and art; eventually finding rest somewhere in between all three. I am interested in the honest reality of any given situation, whether it is making a coffee in my kitchen, riding in the back of a truck or having someone sit and pose for a portrait. The essence of what I am interested in lies somewhere within these experiences, and photography is the most suitable and practical medium for me to investigate these interests. I am passionate about information and stories, but when all is said and done, it is the photograph that I am most interested in. Story and context are interesting for a while, but they are soon easily replaced or forgotten. The enduring aspect of photography for me is the image itself.