Susan Henderson | End of Day  (2016)

Archival pigment prints on Japanese Gampi paper, printed 2016.
(42cm x 60cm)

Susan has a strong interest photographing people in public spaces, abstracted from their lives and context; people populating the built or natural environment and the human element in and on the non-human scale.

There is a fascination in the way in which the camera can capture the atmosphere of a moment, not for its beauty or impact, but for the sense of being there or curiosity and memory about the moment.

Susan also enjoys images composed of reflected and refracted light and the way in which a photograph can tell a story and reinvent that which is reflected, becoming an end in itself. The viewer can find his or her own interpretation, which can indeed change over time. Susan’s composed images sometimes incorporate juxtaposed aspects or layers of fine detail. Through the images in this series, Susan has caught transient moments and a feeling for place. Her most successful images resonate an emotion or inference of being there.