Zabo Chabiland (b.1968)

Zabo Chabiland studied at the International Center of Photography, and the International Center for Sculpture, in New York, USA.  Zabo's projects range from photography, to music and sculpture. She has been involved in the creation of numerous art spaces in and around Berlin.

Zabo lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

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X-Ray Project (1998-)

Analogue colour prints on x-ray sheet film (45cm x 43cm)

Edition of 8 + 2AP

In 1895 Wilhem Röntgen discovered the X-ray. Two years later Antoine Béclère realised the importance of this discovery when applied to medicine. In the future, medical X-ray film will become obsolete and will be supplanted by digital scanners and MRI.This is the end of a cycle. 

Since 1998, Zabo Chabiland has been working with medical X-ray films, creating a hybrid between radiology and photography. The artist portrays the radiologist, she turned her photographic studio into a specific hospital department. The results are positive X-rays of nude studies and landscapes. As random patients, the models are selected to constitute a wide range of physiognomies. Standing still for a long time, with eyes closed, the models drawn into an internalized silence, while all typology of expression vanishes, the essence of the person emerges. 

The nudes are detached from their environment, the landscapes of pure nature taken in primeval sites are fragments of geological anatomy. A juxtaposition of anatomy and nature, waterfalls and rocks to bone and organs. We are getting closer to the traditional use of X-ray film: evidence.


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